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About the Faculty

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The Faculty of Health and Social Sciences of the University of South Bohemia (FHSS USB) has a privileged position in the Czech Republic, particularly due to interconnection of health care and social topics – aimed at making the graduates understand and apply holistic approaches to individual students and thus be able to help both the body and the soul. The harmonic interconnection of both of the above stated perspectives, offers opportunities to train professionals who can perform their job as a mission. That aspect constitutes a great advantage of the Faculty in the current world and the work of people educated in it will always be needed.

FHSS USB is an educational institution, distinctively focused in the health and social care field. It performs specific creative activities in the area of application, project and direct clinical and field work with health and socially disadvantaged people. It develops scientific and research activities and international cooperation with important institutions and professional centres.

In the long term, it is characterized by a continuous demand for applicants for studies with regard to the opportunities of their employment, favourable local placement pertaining to cooperation with educational institutions in the border areas of the Czech Republic, a very good network of international partner organizations and cooperation within humanitarian and development assistance, rights of habilitation and appointment or use of modern means of education.

It prepares professionals for their necessary professions. Its students and graduates can always be found in events constituting solution of different unfavourable health and social problems of human beings.

The combination of disciplines taught at FHSS USB is extensive. The lessons are closely linked to practice; therefore the graduates have many opportunities to find employment. The thing is that they are able to help people to improve their health condition, as well as to integrate into the society or to solve adverse social situations.

FHSS USB is one of few universities that can achieve its chosen motto: We teach people to help with arguments. Thanks to that fact, the Faculty trains students for whom their job can become their mission. A demanding mission, but a mission that allows for the individual to lead a full life.