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Bachelor study course: Rehabilitation-Psychosocial Care for Handicapped Children, Adults and Seniors - General information

Study Program: Rehabilitation

Study Course: Rehabilitation-Psychosocial Care for Handicapped Children, Adults, and Seniors


Faculty of Health and Social Sciences of the University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice offers bachelor degree course that deliberately combines medical, social, pedagogical and psychological disciplines in order to prepare professionals - social workers capable of working in a transdisciplinary teams. The graduates will be able to promptly and smoothly coordinate efforts for the fastest and widest participation of clients with disabilities into all the usual activities of society with the use of medical, social, educational, and labor resources.

The graduates acquire skills and competencies of a social worker in a coordinated rehabilitation, who will effectively develop communication, get oriented himself and plan the working process with clients, promote and assist in the self-sufficiency of the client, intervene and provide social services to contribute to the work of organizations and professional growth in the field of social work and coordinated rehabilitation.

Study course: Rehabilitation-Psychosocial Care for Handicapped Children, Adults and Seniors is important for its current concept of sectoral disciplines rehabilitation as a concept traditionally presented medical rehabilitation, treatment, rehabilitation but also social, psychological and educational, so-called: "coordinated rehabilitation strategy".

It offers to acquire competencies to perform social work according to law no. 108/2006 Coll., On Social Services, as amended. Within the study the student acquires knowledge and skills specified minimum standards of education in social work required and necessary for qualified performance of social work and further development of professional competencies. Study responds to the ongoing transformation of the system of health and social services, using the possibilities of practical knowledge testing and acquiring and improving skills within professional practice.

The main criterion is the professional preparedness of graduates for employment. The specialization is not limited narrowly on short-term labor market needs, but is aimed at obtaining basic breadth and applicable knowledge and skills. Study field is completed by a state final exam, which includes the defense of the thesis. Successful completion of the study leading to a degree "Bc."

Graduates of the study can their skills to apply for positions of social workers in the health sector, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, in organizations of state and local governments, including the consultative bodies of cities and municipalities, nongovernmental organizations, organizations of religious, organizations private and the like executives at the level of middle management.

Study course is a bachelor level three year course and its CURRICULA  are divided into compulsory, facultative and elective course units.


For further information about study course contact: Ms Jana Redinova, tel.: +420 389 037 517,