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Success in a prestigious British scientific periodical (BioNews)

News (21.7.2015)

Success in a prestigious British scientific periodical (BioNews)

How old would children like their parents to be they could choose?

The prestigious British scientific periodical, BioNews, which covers news intended for a broad audience on reproductive medicine, genetics etc, has written about a piece of Czech research in the field of the ethics of assisted reproduction. The research was initiated by Doc. Hana Konečná, from the Department of Clinical and Preclinical Disciplines (FHSS,USB). A link to the paper can be found at the bottom of this article.

The aim of the research was to find out how old children would like their parents to be if they could choose. The questionnaire asked: “How old would you like your mother and father to be when you turn 20 – 25? And why?” Almost 1,500 Czech children aged between 11 and the age of students of the second years of universities (then children and teenagers dependent on parents).  The results show that 90% of children would like the mother to be less than 30 years old when she gives birth, and the father to be less than 35. 

The results of this research were published in a prestigious magazine: Reproductive BioMedicine online (impact factor 2.98). The paper, “How old and too old? A contribution to the discussion on age limits for assisted reproduction technique access,” was written by Jiřina Kocourková (the Faculty of Science, Charles University), Hana Konečná (FHSS, USB), Boris Burcin (the Faculty of Science, Charles University) and Tomáš Kučera (the Faculty of Science, Charles University).

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