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Institute of Physiotherapy and Selected Medical Disciplines

Institute of Physiotherapy and Selected Medical Disciplines

Head of the Institute Mgr. Petra Zimmelová, Ph.D.
T/ +420 389 037 520
Secretariat Bohuslava Škopová
T/ +420 389 037 521
Nemocnice, a. s., horní areál, B. Němcové 54, pavilon H, 370 87 České Budějovice
Mailing address J. Boreckého 1167/27, 370 11 České Budějovice
The Institute of Physiotherapy and Selected Medical Disciplines is focused primarily on the teaching and preparation of experts from the discipline of physiotherapy. It also provides teaching across the disciplines in the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences of the University of South Bohemia (ZSF JU), with an emphasis not only on medical professionalism in clinical disciplines, but also on multiple disciplines and finding overlaps between different branches.

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The academic employees of the Institute cooperate closely with clinical centres of the Hospital of České Budějovice (Nemocnice České Budějovice, a. s.) and with other professional health care and social facilities. The cooperation is aimed not only at the practical training of students but also shows the interdisciplinary cooperation in education, science and research. The focus of the Institute places high demands on preparation, and therefore the Institute cooperates with a number of highly respected practising professionals.

The professionals of the Institute can be divided into two parts. The main part consists of academics working in the discipline of physiotherapy, i.e. the main discipline of the Institute. The other part consists of specialists involved in other disciplines implemented at the ZSF JU. In particular, great emphasis is put on engagement in research projects in registered databases (CEP) and on publication activities, including the creation of e-learning.

The work of the Institute makes use of the Centre of Physiotherapy of ZSF, active at our University since 2014. The Centre serves for both the practical training of students and for the general public as a standard non-state health-care facility. From the beginning of their studies, the students can observe the practical part of the lessons, and later become actively involved in them under the guidance of top professionals. In addition to the actual physiotherapy, they can also practice all aspects of the comprehensive care for the client. So both the students and the academics get a lot of valuable data for their Bachelor and scientific works. Thanks to the opportunity of making use of the Centre, and thanks also to other experiences from partner clinical physiotherapeutic centres, students have a chance to see how they can specialize in their branch after graduation. The horizons and the scope of knowledge are also extended by the opportunity of foreign study stays at partner universities, offered to the students through the Socrates/Erasmus Project.