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Institute of the Humanities in Nursing Professions

Institute of the Humanities in Nursing Professions

Head of the Institute Mgr. Vlastimila Ptáčníková, Ph.D.
T/ +420 389 037 550
Secretariat Pavla Klímová
T/ +420 389 037 551
J. Boreckého 1167/27, 370 11 České Budějovice
Mailing address J. Boreckého 1167/27, 370 11 České Budějovice

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The Institute of the Humanities in Nursing Professions provides the teaching of humane subjects included in accredited study programs at all levels of studies – from Bachelor degree to Doctoral degree. The activities of the Institute are based on the premise that general humane foundations are an indispensable part of the education of employees’ health, social and health and social areas, as they develop the humane and social scientific horizons of the students, contributing to a comprehensive grasp of the studied discipline. The Institute does not immediately guarantee any study program, but it is involved in the curriculum of all study programs implemented at the Faculty through lessons in philosophy, law, legislation, economics, management, psychology and professionally oriented foreign languages – English, German, Russian and Latin. In view of the particularities of the subjects taught, the Institute is divided into four sections: the section of applied languages, the section of philosophy and ethics, the section of law, management and economics, and the section of psychology.

In addition to the compulsory subjects, the Institute offers facultative subjects, e.g. Bioethics, Psychosomatics or the Philosophical foundations of helping professions. It also provides language courses beyond the scope of the compulsory lessons and offers the opportunity to pass ECL international language exams (European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages).

The Institute puts great emphasis on the interconnection of theory and practice; therefore a number of practitioners are active there. According to the professional orientation of the individual teachers, the Institute cooperates with similarly oriented centres in the Czech Republic and abroad, e.g. with the EACME (European Association of Centres of Medical Ethics) international organization; the Institute members are also represented in different professionally oriented commissions, branch councils and associations. The results of the scientific and research activities are used by the academics both in teaching the students and in publishing in scientific journals and monographs. The members of the Institute take part in foreign study visits and teaching internships, international conferences and workshops – and they also organize conferences and seminars with international participation.